Training and Lessons


Our generously sized facilities means that your horse will never feel captive. Our methods of horse training are time tested & natural, they are designed to be both effective and yet genial. The horses we train are considerably receptive of our techniques because of our deep understanding of the horse mentality, this is what truly sets us apart.

Our program teaches you to become a great horseman or horsewoman.  The advantage to this also allows you the opportunity to become a great trainer and rider.

Now enrolling for Natural Horsemanship Lessons

  • Perfecting ground work
  • Riding
  • Training
  • Becoming one with your horse

Lessons are private and by appointment.  One hour, one-on-one instruction is available to all levels and ages starting at $50 per hour.

Horseback Riding


Riding Lessons

Learn to ride for pleasure or show.  We have horses available or bring your own. We can help beginners establish a comfort level that makes horsemanship enjoyable or we can help more established riders with techniques that help broaden their knowledge and enjoyment.

We want to promote the pleasure of riding and the joy of horses.

We do everything from building rider’s confidence to teaching time tested methods and breaking green horses, training them and teaching you how to “be one with your horse” in a natural setting.

We specialize in beginners, young and old!

Riding lessons are available to riders of most ages and levels.  You can bring in your own horse or use one of ours.  We design our lessons around the goal of the rider.   Please share with us your goal!

All lessons are by appointment and we can easily work around your busy schedule.  Riding lessons are $30 for the first half hour.

To learn more about how we can train your horse please contact us today or call 262-891-3233